Recruit top talent with Sage SkillsMap – the total solution for talent placement in your business.

Let SkillsMap modernise your recruitment processes

  • Recruitment software that’s easy and simple to use.
  • Instant access to a reliable online recruitment platform.
  • 3-in-1 tool that targets the right candidates for each position.
  • Applicant Tracking System runs the recruitment process for you.

Bundle together all of your HR, payroll and recruitment activities with our all-in-one solution for the ultimate HR productivity and efficiency.

A Monthly Subscription

For a monthly subscription fee, you’ll have access to:

  • Sage SkillsMap Applicant Tracking System.
  • Sage SkillsMap Public Talent Community.
  • Customised Client Career Portal.

Automated Filtering and Screening

Sage SkillsMap manages the filtering and screening of job candidates for you, with the Applicant Tracking System (ATS). All you need to do is set your requirements for applicants (targeting), then watch how the ATS runs your recruitment process – from position requisition right through to placement. Using workflows and industry best practices, the ATS streamlines your hunt for ideal candidates.

How it works

  • Bulk-upload CVs and create CV templates and allow the system to parse CVs.
  • Publish the vacancy adverts to the Sage SkillsMap Talent Community, a Customised Career Portal, as well as to social media sites for added reach.
  • Send bulk SMS and email.
  • Using SkillsMap’s configurable filtering tools and skills weighting system, allow the system to automatically screen candidates.
  • The system also uses an automated CRM process that manages all communications with candidates.
  • Monitor your recruiting progress with dashboards and customizable reporting tools.

Make use of the Talent Community

While your ideal candidates may not currently be in the job market, you can meet these passive candidates on Sage’s continent-wide Talent Community. Candidates can upload their CVs via the CV parsing system, exposing their skills and experience to our professional platform and providing them with a roadmap to their career development. Candidates have access to an online Career Coach, who can nurture their careers with guidance, thought-leader content and motivational tools. Learn more about the Talent Community.

What the Talent Community means to you

  • Automatically get candidates’ skills and experience filtered and weighted to be accurately matched with your requirements.
  • Take advantage of the on-board SEO to give your adverts higher visibility.
  • Integrate your candidate searches with social media for greater exposure.
  • Get targeted exposure to qualified candidates with job alerts based on their location, industry and salary levels.

Customised Client Career Portal

Get your own customised career portal to grow your brand as a great employer; and to both attract the right candidates for your requirements and retain your current employees by internally offering them new positions first. Build a skills database of current internal talent.

The customisable portal will allow you to visually recreate your brand online, giving candidates a ready experience of your company and improving the “pulling power” of your job adverts.

Sage SkillsMap not only offers you an online recruitment system, but systematically improves your brand in the eyes of your potential future employees. It can be used to supplement the efforts of your recruitment agency or used as a stand-alone automated recruitment system, as well as integrated with your Sage VIP and Pastel Payroll & HR solutions.